19 December 2013

December 19 Accra, Ghana

Unfortunately, I am STILL in Ghana. I had hoped to get back to the US to see my new granddaughter, see my son graduate with his Ph.D and be somewhere hospitable for Xmas and New Years.  
I currently cannot get to my bike, let alone work on it with one hand, as the insurance company who has my bike will not tell where it is! They also won't email the results of a CT scan of may wrist and hand that I need to know if I will have my cast on for 6 weeks or 14 weeks! I don't why they are doing this after promising to pay for my medical bills and promising to repair my bike. 
I tried to get the police involved, but like other police here, they probably want a big bribe. I'm  trying to get a lawyer to help, but so far, no joy. They, like most here, probably won't do anything here without "grease."

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