19 December 2013

December 19 Accra, Ghana

Unfortunately, I am STILL in Ghana. I had hoped to get back to the US to see my new granddaughter, see my son graduate with his Ph.D and be somewhere hospitable for Xmas and New Years.  
I currently cannot get to my bike, let alone work on it with one hand, as the insurance company who has my bike will not tell where it is! They also won't email the results of a CT scan of may wrist and hand that I need to know if I will have my cast on for 6 weeks or 14 weeks! I don't why they are doing this after promising to pay for my medical bills and promising to repair my bike. 
I tried to get the police involved, but like other police here, they probably want a big bribe. I'm  trying to get a lawyer to help, but so far, no joy. They, like most here, probably won't do anything here without "grease."

01 December 2013

Accident Update

Ghana mostly sucks so far!
I am in my fourth week here and still do not know yet exactly how many fractures I have. I now need a CT scan of my hand and wrist, but the hospital bureaucracy is abysmal. The last CT scan I had of my neck took over 11 days to get the results. I had a new complete cast put on my hand/arm last week and will have it for between six and fourteen weeks, depending on the CT scan ... if I ever get it.
The hospital, doctors, police, and people on the street are more interested in getting my money that providing good service. I have been to the hospital nine times and spent about 50 hours there, mostly waiting for service. I had two different days where I was there for 11 hours. They "lost" my file and could not give any service until a new one was created, which took days.
There are two prices for everything here. One for the Oburoni (white person) and a much cheaper one for the black man. This discrimination in a country is not so unusual from my experience in 92 countries, but it is much more pervasive here.
Fortunately, I have met some nice people here, especially the insurance people from the car that caused my wreck. They are paying for my medical care and repair of my bike, but not for hotel nor food nor taxi fares to/from the hospital. Even if I could ride, I believe that the frame is bent and should be totaled. I may just leave it here and get out of here.
Sure wish I had medical coverage that includes medivac to get me to decent care! I will not travel again without it.