21 November 2013

Ghana Continued

I am still in Kumasi, Kenya, but hope to take a bus to the capital, Accra tomorrow. I wish I were home, or at least out of West Africa. I would still like to see South Africa since I am so close, but am not in physical shape to go now.
Physically I am not doing great, especially after I spent over 10 hours at the hospital last Friday getting a CT scan of my neck, whose results I won'tl get until tomorrow. They lost my file and charged the insurance company for copies of x-rays for the new file! I am able to walk,but not very far as my knee was hyper-extended. Am also worried about wrist under my cast which feels broken, but at least I don't have to wear my cervical collar full time. Only four more weeks to wear cast! 
I had to make a third bus trip to Konogo to go to court two days ago where driver was fined $250 that was bargained down to $190. He was arrested because he was on my side of the road.
On the good side, besides the miracle of surviving, I have moved to a hotel/restaurant that has good veg food for me (and wifi, which is rare here) after only having two real meals (plus crackers and juice) in the first five days in Ghana.
Typing with two fingers sucks!
Car Vs. Motorcycle

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